Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cloud Box

I have a thing for clouds, see herehere and here.  So how about putting them in a box and having them on display at all times.  Peter Alexander did just that and I love the outcome.  

(Photo credit: Getty)

Monday, October 13, 2014


This collection was minimal and modern. Loved the fact they presented equally great men and women's pieces.

This was another one of my favourites together with the Alejandra Quesada's collection.  The mood they created was elegant and serene as the models slowly floated down the runway to classical music.  The dresses were detailed and couture.  It was great to see really elaborate pieces in the sea of ready to wears.

Royal Closet is more of a commercial brand but it had some great moments.

Inside the tents there was a little set up for local (not so known) Mexican designers, there was footwear, jewellery and clothing stands.  What stood out for me was the Lola Basso stand where I got this fun clutch.  Check out her page as she also makes lovely jewellery.  
So with this post I wrap up the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico.  I was even a little sad when it all ended.  It was fun and energetic and I was pleasantly surprised with all the Mexican talent. Till next time!

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I had horrible seats for this show that were far but close enough to appreciate the colours and metal pieces that Jorge presented in his collection.

This collection was light and flowy and quite refreshing!

On the 3rd day I opted for a lace dress and my boyfriend's comfy shirt!  I think I will start raiding his closet more often now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


On day 2 a friend of mine joined me for one of the shows and it was great to have someone chat with about the action in and outside the tents.

This collection felt quite commercial but it had great moments and lovely leather cutout pieces. 

This label is all about Mexican heritage and craftsmanship.  Right before the show opened there were indigenous ladies making weave patterns that were seen in some of the pieces.  A great homage to them.

This was my favourite collection by far.  The designer opted to have a lovely band, Love la Femme,  serenading us while models walked down the runway.  There were great original prints and amazing wearable pieces.  Bravo Alejandra!

On day 2 I put only my sparkly sandals and... gasp...tried to glam it up.